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Birthday Blog!


My birthday was the other day and I’ve had a really good time!  Wednesday, Z took me to Vincenzo’s where his mom is the chef.  Being vegan, it is sometimes hard to eat at restaurants, but when we go there Sue always makes me my own dish!  Come dessert time, though, I can almost never eat at “regular” restaurants, but Sue made me the most delicious surprise: berry crisps (with oats and nuts and magic for the crisp part), with vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream, vegan whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries.  I almost cried when I saw it, seriously.  It was so good!

Thursday I helped my older sister make fresh baby food, using only veggies, fruits, water, and food processors.  Here is the result:

So many colors!

Finally, Thursday night, I make Cincinnati style chili for a bunch of people and my sister made me a vegan birthday cake (I had chocolate coconut milk ice cream as well).  I’ve posted on the Cinci chili before, way back when.

I might be adding some more dinner pictures, later, but that’s all for now when it comes to vegan birthdays!

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