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The Busiest Bees


Hello people!

I’m so extra busy lately – student teaching, job searching, working, etc.  I’m neglectful of my lovely blog here.  I wanted to share an article with you that makes me happy.

Next, I wanted to tell you that over my spring break (which started yesterday at three o’clock), I will definitely be updating the blog (amidst much paper-grading and resume’ mailing)!  My birthday is in the coming week and we will be doing a sushi night at my house.  (Complete with vegan birthday cake made for me by sister extraordinaire Ashley).  Also, I found an amazing recipe for banana pancakes on and I’ll SURELY be making those puppies.  Finally, my sister Ashley’s son is starting to eat baby food and I should be helping her make some home-made batches, which I’ll share!

Oh and I forgot to mention, Zander and I will hopefully be checking out The Loving Hut this week! (Formerly The Loving Cafe)

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  1. Ashley Vaughn permalink
    03/26/2011 11:32 am check these out. My friend’s hubby makes them.

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