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I realized just now, as I was eating lunch at work, that I neglected to include the portion of my last post that was supposed to talk about what I take to lunch student teaching or at work on a normal day!  So I’m making a random list of assorted lunches I can remember recently:

I take one snack to eat during the day (pretzels, craisins, etc) in case I get hungry before 12:40 when we eat.

Generally I take either a sandwich/pasta dish/soup/chili as the main part of my meal (or cereal some days).  Soup, chili, or pasta I will just put into a container the night before and leave in the fridge.  I hate pre-assembling sandwiches because they get all crushed and weird, so I usually put my bread in a tupperware, then put each sandwich ingredient in its own little tupperware or baggie and I bring a butter knife to spread any spreads and cut my sandwiches in half.  If I’m having something like cucumbers/tomatoes on my sandwich, I will cut those up before and put them in their containers or baggies so all I have to do at lunch is assemble.  We have a fridge in my classroom so I leave anything I need to keep cool in there and leave the rest in my lunchbox.  I always bring a bottle of water with me, but sometimes I’ll bring almond milk in a mason jar (my cooperating teacher thinks this is so funny).  I also bring cereal in a mason jar because then I can eat it right out of the jar.

Here’s my lunch formula:

Whole grain + protein + vegetable and/or fruit +water +sometimes sweet.

Here are some of my usual lunches:

-Amy’s brand black bean chili is awesome for a quick chili lunch (only second to home-made chili) + almond milk +fruit
-Peanut butter sandwich on whole wheat + carrots and celery with hummus + almond milk
-Vegan cream cheese, tofurky lunch meat, mustard, and alfalfa sprouts, spinach, and/or lettuce on whole wheat + apple + vegan pudding
-My cauliflower/mushroom soup + banana + vegan pudding
-Corn Chex + almond milk + berries/banana + carrots and hummus
-Mixed greens and veggies salad with balsamic vinegar dressing + small container or soup/chili
-Whole wheat pasta with edamame, nutritional yeast, paprika, and olive oil + celery and white bean dip
-Whole wheat pasta and any leftover sauce I might have + banana
This recipe + cucumbers + apple
Today: garlic hummus, cucumber, spinach, and alfalfa sprouts on whole wheat + apple + vegan pudding

So basically, take any whole wheat, protein, veggies and maybe add some fruit/almond milk/sweets.  You’ve got it!

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