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Guest Recipe – Quesadilla Pizza


In the past several weeks, my life has been full of pizza.  We had a pizza night with a few friends at Zander’s house, I made pizza here for the family, and Zander made a quesadilla pizza for himself and sent it to me.  So I just wanted to feature at least one on the blog:

Zander’s “Chicken” Quesadilla Pizza (serves 2 hungry young men or 6 people)


Pizza crust (whatever kind you want, store bought or home made)
Salsa (whatever heat variety you like, and however much you’d like)
1 jalapeno, seeded
Cheddar cheese, pizza cheese mix, or “cheese” like Daiya/Teese/etc
1 package veggie chicken chunks (Zander used Quorn, which is vegetarian.  Vegans would have to use Gardein or Lightlife/etc)

Directions (and pictures!):

Crush up jalapeno and salsa and spread over pizza crust:

Next, mix defrosted chicken with salsa in a bowl:

Next, put defrosted veggie chicken on top and spread.  Add salsa if needed:

Next, top with cheese or vegan cheese:

Bake according to crust package directions:


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