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A lack of cooking


Last night my family went to dinner for my younger sister’s birthday.  We went to The Cheesecake Factory.  What?! There can’t be vegan options there!  Ha!  You’d be wrong in that assumption.

Well, technically there is nothing vegan on the menu, but you can almost always make it work.  My usual program is to look up the menu online before hand and peruse it.  I also looked at some discussion boards on and checked out the options on  Based upon this investigation, I decided that I’d get the Thai Chicken Wraps, replacing the chicken with some asparagus and maybe snowpeas, etc.  Well, I got there and (for the first time) flat out told the waiter I was vegan and I was gonna do the Thai Wraps but no chicken and he said he suggested subbing in grilled portobello mushrooms.  So I took his word and did that.  I also ordered a side of in-shell edamame.  It was so delicious!

Tonight, Zander, our vegan friend Courtney, and I went to Chopsticks for sushi.  We got soooooo much.

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