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Coming Soon! (And a quick spread recipe)


Last night I made “plain old” chili for the family.  (As in, not Cincinnati chili).  I’ll be posting that update as soon as I can get pictures loaded!

In the mean time, here’s a quick spread recipe without pictures:

Creamy Green Sandwich Spread (serves 1, will cover two slices of bread)

1/2 tbsp vegan cream cheese (I use Toffuti)  (If you are a vegetarian you can use regular cream cheese, too, obviously).
1/2 tbsp red pepper hummus (I used Sabra, but I bet this would be good with home made hummus.  Red pepper optional!)
About 1 tbsp ripe avocado, cut into 1/2 inch by 1/4 inch pieces


Mix these three things together in a little dish, smashing the avocado, but still leaving a few chunks.

Today, I used this recipe on my lunch!  I like to assemble my sandwiches at work so they don’t get soggy in the fridge (I hate a soggy sandwich).

Sandwich Idea (serves one)

2 pieces of bread/deli flat bread stored in a container (I used these deli flatbread things that we’ve been getting lately, they are whole grain – 5 grams of fiber! – and really, really tasty)
Above recipe for spread stored in a tiny reusable container
cucumber, sliced (peeled, if you’d like, also) stored in a little container – you’ll have extra after you put the sandwich together but you can use that for a snack!
one Roma tomato, sliced, stored in a little container
about 1/4 to a 1/2 cup alfalfa sprouts
2 little packets of mustard (optional.  I LOVE MUSTARD.)


At lunch, spread the green spread onto each of your slices of bread or deli bread.  Top with several slices of cucumber and all of the tomato.  Top that with alfalfa sprouts and mustard, if using, sprinkle on a little salt and pepper if you want, and chow down!  Today, I ate this with grapes, the extra cucumber (and salt.  So healthy.  I know.), and 1/2 cup of vanilla Silk yogurt.  Mmm!

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