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Most Delicious Sandwiches Part I


I have two favorite sandwiches.  The one I shall share here is my own take on a Jimmy John’s sandwich that I love.  (I don’t think their bread is vegan though).  My next favorite sandwich I will share with you Thursday because I will be taking it to lunch that day and making it the night before, so you’ll have to wait!



4 slices whole wheat/grain bread (any vegan wheat bread will do, but I like either Ezekiel 4:9 Sprouted Grain (low sodium) bread or generic vegan sandwich bread, wildly different I know)
2 tbsp guacamole (I use Wholly Guacamole Pico de Gallo style because I am lazy and don’t like making guac myself).
2 tbsp classic hummus (I use Sabra Classic Hummus YUM)
1 large cucumber (if not organic, please peel) cut into thin slices
1 roma tomato (cut into thin slices)
1 cup alfalfa sprouts


On two of the bread slices, spread the guac (1 tbsp each slice).  On the other bread slices, spread hummus (1 tbsp each slice).  Place cucumber slices and tomato slices on top of bread slices (whichever side you prefer) and put 1/2 cup of sprouts on each sandwich.  Top with a little rough ground black pepper.  Squish slices together and take a big bite!

My boyfriend and I had this for dinner tonight.  I ate a pickle on the side of the sandwich, a banana, and an orange.  A good compliment to this sandwich is chips and salsa or chips and more guac or hummus.  Mmmm.


Z, my boyfriend, is trying to do a thing where he only eats meat once a day (yay!), but he still likes his dairy so tonight he put some mozzarella slices on top of his, which you can see in some of the pictures.  Therefore, I have labeled this vegan AND vegetarian.

Photos courtesy of Zander Barnard.  He has a good camera.  I do not.  You will note the difference. 🙂

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