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This dish is named “chewp” because, well, I can’t decide what exactly it is.  Chili?  Stew?  Soup?  So, I went with “chewp.”

This recipe could serve up to four people, though I eat it all by my lonesome for a big meal (it’s almost all vegetables).  Two people could make a lunch of it, three or four people could eat it as a side dish with sandwiches or something.


1 serving Boca Crumbles (1/2 cup) UNthawed (you could use Morningstar Farms, Quorn, or any other veggie crumble, also, although Quorn is not vegan)
1/2 cup canned black beans (with liquid)
Veggies chopped into 1/2 inch pieces:
A thumb-sized chunk of daikon (I swear it’s easy to get.  It’s a long white radish, I get it at Kroger in the organic veggies section)
Bell pepper (any color you’d like) peel the outer skin off first with a veggie peeler (I hate the texture of those peels that cook off and float around, if you don’t mind then you don’t need to peel)
3 plain old radishes
1 cup of broccoli (can include stems if you wish)
1/4 of a red onion
about 75g baby bella mushrooms (or, you know, five or six mushrooms, caps and stems.  Or you can remove stems if you wish)
^could use any kind of mushroom, but baby bellas are easy to get and they are beefier than plain old button mushrooms
one big, juicy tomato
Chili powder (as much as you’d like)
Italian herbs
Garlic Powder/Minced Garlic
olive oil or olive oil spray
Red wine vinegar
Soy sauce


In one medium sized pot, spray olive oil spray (that’s what I use, but you could use regular olive oil if you want) to coat the bottom and sides.
Add the chopped onion, daikon, radishes, and 1/2 cup frozen crumbles.  Add a little chili powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and Italian herbs.  Add a splash or two of soy sauce and red wine vinegar.  Cook through until all is starting to get a little soft.  Next, add bell pepper, mushrooms, broccoli, and tomato.  Add more spices and herbs, vinegar, and soy sauce, to taste/smell.  Let cook down for about five minutes, at this point, the chewp should be creating its own liquid.  If not, add a little more salt to pull the liquid out of the veggies.  Lastly, add the 1/2 cup black beans and stir, stir, stir.  Let sit for about 5-10 minutes.  The longer it sits, the thicker and “chili”er it will get.  If you eat it right away it will be more stew-ish.

Suggested serving method:

Serve with a crusty bread, or even toast.  If eating for a meal, I like to eat a mixed greens and balsamic vinegar salad along with.  And a big glass of water because I use lots of chili powder and pepper!


Add other random veggies you have laying around the fridge.  This recipe started out as a “hmmm, what do I have left in the fridge?” type situation, and now I make it at least once a week!  Leave out any veggies you think you don’t like, change up the type of beans (I’ve made it with kidney beans and with cannelini beans).  Try adding a tbsp of salsa!  To make it even heartier and to make it work for more people, add noodles or barley.  Also, you could use canned tomatoes (even try the seasoned ones) and/or some frozen veggies you have laying around.

This works great for parties in a slow cooker, but it always works great as a super easy lunch or dinner!

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